Mindset & Transformation 
One on One Coaching

You will meet with Coach Tee, a trained professional who helps guide people into their ideal life and most authentic self, particularly when navigating moments of change. You will meet regularly to plan the best way forward to get maximum results, and execute your action plan with focus and determination.

Administrative Support

We provide solutions to meet your administrative and HR needs such as:

Manage data in spreadsheets and reports

Keep records and reports up to date

Help maintain the budget plan

Organize and schedule meetings and events

Supervise other staff and delegate responsibilities

Handle technical issues in their area of expertise

Carry out clerical duties, including answering phones and preparing documents


Compliance/Ethics Audit Support

Help to develop and maintain ethical and compliance standards that your company follows whenever expanding operations, recruiting, acquiring further assets, etc. 

We lead the corporate compliance efforts, analyze and implement all applicable laws pertaining to business operations, and directly address various compliance issues.

Professional & Personal Development

We offer education and career training before and after a person has entered the workforce in order to help them develop new skills, stay up-to-date on current trends, and advance their career and life.

Professional Handshake

Customer Service Management Training

We coach and teach support staff what they need to know to increase customer satisfaction. It involves informing agents about your product or service, how to communicate with customers, and how to use support software.

Leadership Training

Training is to make leaders competent to function effectively and manage and influence the employees. We assist in organizing and synthesizing complex ideas into a tapestry of words and images.



Responsible for some or all of an organization's accounts, known as the general ledger. We record all transactions and post debits (costs) and credits (income). We also produce financial statements and other reports for supervisors and managers.

Notary & Loan Signing Services

We service the public as an impartial witness in performing a variety of official fraud-deterrent acts related to the signing of important documents as a Notary Public. Our Notary Signing Services include printing loan documents, meeting the signer and notarizing their signature, and quickly returning the documents for processing. We are also responsible for following any additional instructions from the lender, title company or signing service that hires us for loan closing work.